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Disinfection is the process of protecting your area from insects, cockroaches and many more from infectious outbreaks. It is usually needed at places where food is being produced or processed.


Decontamination is the process of decreasing the bacteria, viruses and fungus by using biological human friendly, eco-friendly solutions. It is recommended for houses, buildings, flats and places where people gather or crowded places like offices, factories, and gyms. Especially, places where there is food like restaurants and bakeries


Repulsion is the process of spraying with eco-friendly repellants with the purpose of preventing the reappearance of unwanted pests. The repellent will in no way harm animals or domestic pets.


Combating of rodents, we visit your area and we search for food, water, routes and nests that rodents might use. When we identify the rodent, we take away its food and water supply. We then seal the premises and we use various traps which are carefully placed at specific places with bait and we monitor the traps very thoroughly. (The traps are renewed monthly)

Thermal Disinfection

A new way of innovative Green-Biological disinfection with 100% efficiency at combating all 3 stages (nymph-pre nymph-eggs). We increase your areas temperature with our special thermal machines to 52-60 Celsius. Thus, creating the right conditions to terminate every kind of pest. Depending on the problem, this can last up to 24 hours.